C-11 Pro2
all in one C-11 radiotracer production lab The C-11 Pro2 is our next generation synthesizer designed from years of R&D to simplify the routine production of C-11 radiotracers. 11CO2 is trapped at room temp. and rapidly released using a volume optimized molecular sieve column. Capable of producing either methyl-iodide or methyl-triflate via the "wet" chemistry method, labelling is performed by traditional reaction vial or room temp. loop labelling* and comes with built-in HPLC purification. The C-11 Pro2 is the complete solution for all your C-11 production requirements in the one device.
The C-11 Pro2 has enabled our lab to synthesize an array of more than 10 different 11C compounds, with excellent day-to-day reliability and very good yields and specific activity Dr. Didier Le Bars
Head of PET Radiochemistry
CERMEP - Imagery Du Vivant, France
*Loop labelling method developed by A. Wilson et al. 2000
Select Your Synthesis Route
The C-11 Pro2 easily allows the selection of the optimal synthesis route.
Step 1: Concentration of 11CO2 at Room Temperature Step 2:
Production of Methyl Iodide via Wet Chemistry Method Step 3A:
Online Conversion of Methyl Iodide into Methyl Triflate
O O C 11
C 11
C 11
I H H H C 11
Step 3B:
Reactor Labelling of Precursor with Selected Synthon Step 3C:
Room Temperature Loop Labelling of Precursor with Selected Synthon
Step 4:
HPLC Purificaiton Step 5:
SPE Reformulation of HPLC purified product using a disposable kit Step 6:
Final Injectable Radiotracer
Disposable S.P.E. Reformulation Cassette
Simplify GMP requirements
The sterile disposable S.P.E. (solid phase extraction) product reformulation cassette and reagent set help avoid cross-contamination and ensure reproducible results. By using non-proprietary components, the C-11 Pro2 enables users to modify and develop their own cassettes.



Disposable Reactors
Two disposable 1.1mL tapered bottom glass reactors allow low volume (as low as 70uL) reactions and reduce cross-synthesis contaminants which ensures reproducible results. Fully Automated Wash-Up
Immediately post synthesis, the C-11 Pro2 preforms a fully automated wash-up procedure with 3 different solvents to clean all fixed valves and tubing.
Features Designed to Optimize the C-11 Radiosynthesis And make life easier for the radiochemist!
Molecular Sieve Column
The volume optimized molecular sieve column enables room temperature concentration of the cyclotron produced [11C]C02 and rapid heating for quick release. SIlver Triflate Column
The built-in silver triflate column allows on-line conversion of [11C]methyl-iodide into [11C]methyl-triflate.
Each disposable reactor has a positionable centre disposable needle that can be moved up or down to suit the chemistry step. Reactor 1 is used to generate [11C ]methyl-iodide via the "wet chemistry" method. Reactor 2 is used to preform the traditional labelling reaction method with the desired synthon.


Loop Reaction
In addition to the traditional reaction vial labelling method, the C-11 Pro2 allows labelling via the room temperature loop labelling method developed by Dr. A. Wilson.
Room Temperature Loop Reaction


Multi-Position Rotary Valves
All fluidic process valves are robust multi-position rotary types that permit optimized fluid flow paths. 3-Position Stopcock Actuators
Each rotary actuator for the disposable cassette's stopcock taps can be rotate to all three positions.
13.6 bar pressure rating
20uL internal volume
Compact HPLC System
The C-11 Pro2's compact HPLC contains all the features needed to purify compounds.
50mL/min pump head with integrated pressure sensor. Fibre Optic UV/VIS Detector
Variable wavelength and fibre optic connection to the flow cell.
Only the remote fibre optic flow cell is mounted inside the hotcell which frees up valuable hotcell space compared to traditional UV detectors.
HPLC device images: KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH
Compact Dimensions
Install the C-11 Pro2 into virtually any hotcell.
Width 510mm x Height 434mm x Depth 340mm No longer do you need a large and expensive research hotcell to house all the equipment needed for the complete synthesis of C-11 compounds. The C-11 Pro2 can fit into compact hotcells which reduces your labs hotcell costs.
Surprising Benefits
Not your average C-11 radiosynthesizer.
Yield Specific Activity
Multi-Synthesis Capability
Preform multiple radiosynthesis in one day thanks to the use of disposable components and fully automated synthesizer wash-up.
Save time and and eliminate the hassle by not needing to perform manual cleaning procedures with the C-11 Pro2. High Yield + High Specific Activity
Our users have discovered that along with high radiochemical yields, the C-11 Pro2 can achieve high specific activity results as well.
This is due to the C-11 Pro2's design and optimized "wet" chemistry process.
User Interface. System control & synthesis recipe development all in one.
C-11 Pro2 software interface
The user interface combines both powerful features, yet easy to use tools for both daily operation and synthesis recipe development.
Easy to use open software interface for easy tracer development
Guides you step-by-step during the synthesis
Can be installed on multiple computers for remote synthesis
Recording of all process variables and report generation (21 CFR Part 11 & GMP compliant)
Traditional PC or Touch Screen Tablet Control
Built-in remote diagnostics enabling simplified troubleshooting
Synthesis Reports
Generate and print synthesis reports to satisfy you labs documentation and GMP requirements Real-Time Sensors Trends
All sensor information can be displayed graphically in real-time trends Historical Data Review
Review previous synthesis results as trend graphs with data analysis function,
Graphical Synthesis Recipe Development
Click • Define • Save
1. Click Schematic
Click schematic elements such as solenoid valves, rotary valves & rotary actuators to turn them on/off or to set positions. 2. Define parameter
Define parameters such as reactor temperatures, MFC flow, syringe / needle positions, HPLC pump parameters & step parameters (description, time, condition). 3. Save Step
Click the Save Step button and the software will automatically fill-in the Excel recipe step list automatically.
Synthesis recipes are stored as easily editable Excel step list files
Feature Comparison
Lets see how the C-11 Pro2 compares to other synthesizers.
[11C]Methyl Iodide Yield Variable Wavelength Fiber
Optic UV/VIS Detector * Optional Feature
Other C-11 Synthesizers
[11C]Methyl Triflate Conversion Reactor Labelling Loop Labelling Visual Synthesis Recipe Development Disposable SPE Cassette
* >85% >50%
Example of Compounds that have been Synthesized on the C-11 Pro2
Radiotracer Imaging Synthesis Time
11C-PIB Beta-amyloid plaques in neuronal tissue 30 min
11C-Choline Prostate cancer 20 min
11C-PK11195 Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (PBR) 33 min
11C-Methionine Primary brain tumors 26 min
11C-DASB Serotonin transporter 33 min
11C-Flumazenil Benzodiazepine receptor antagoinst (GABAA) 28 min
11C-PE2I Dopamine trasporter (DAT) 33 min
11C-Acetate Early metastatic prostate cancer 15 min
12% 35% 7% 15% 17% 20% 7% 40% Yield @ E.O.S
(not corrected)
1,4 1 1 2 3 1 3 3
Further compounds synthesized by C-11 Pro users
Radiotracer 11C-Raclopride 11C-MePPEP 11C-SCH442,416 11C-RO154513 11C-mHED 11C-CUMI
Imaging D2 dopamine receptors Cannabinoid CB(1) receptor Adenosine A2a subtype receptor a5 subtype-GABA-benzodiazepine receptor Norepinephrine trasporter (NET) 5-HT(1A) agonist
Synthesis Time  ≈30 min
 ≈10-20% Yield @ E.O.S
(not corrected) 5

1 Austin Hospital, Melbourne Australia

2 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth Australia

3 CERMEP - Imagerie Du Vivant, Lyon France

4 Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre, Bangkok Thailand

5 Former Hammersmith Imanet Limited (HIL), London UK

Radiochemical yield not decay corrected.
C-11 Pro Users
Some of the institutions that are using the C-11 Pro.
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