Compact multi-synthesis radiosynthesizer

The MultiSyn is the most compact, versatile and easy to use disposable cassette radiosynthesizer.


Reagent Set

Disposable Cassette

Easy GMP compliance.


The sterile disposable synthesis cassette and reagent set helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures reproducible results


This enables you to effortlessly meet the most stringent quality control and GMP compliance standards


By using non-proprietary components, the user can modify and develop their own cassettes.


Low metal contaminant materials are used.


Lower your labs consumable costs with low priced cassettes and reagents.


Typical Synthesis Route

The MultiSyn can perform the following synthetic steps, or you can setup your own method by simply modifying the hardware cassette and synthesis recipe.

Step 1A:

Elution of the isotope to the MultiSyn

Step 2: (Optional)

Pre-purification of the eluted/delivered isotope

Step 3:

Labelling reaction

Step 4:

S.P.E. purification and reformulation of the labelled product

Step 5:

Final injectable radiotracer

Step 1-B:

 Delivery of the isotope to the MultiSyn







One synthesizer for all your radiochemistry needs.

Standardize and simplify your labs radiochemistry requirements with the one versatile synthesizer.  By simply changing the hardware cassette, you can easily switch to another radiosynthesis without any cross-contamination.

Ga-68 Versatility

Compatible with all Ga-68 Generators.

The MultiSyn is compatible with all commercial Ga-68 generators.


The MultiSyn has a built-in force limiting syringe drive for generator elution and can perform no pre-purification, as well as cationic or anionic pre-purification of the generators eluate.





Direct Elution Labelling

The simplest 68Ga synthesis method involves direct labelling of the generators eluate.


This method reduces synthesis time and simplifies system setup.

Generator Pre-purification


Certain reactions require reduction of the acid concentration of the generator eluate and or purification of metal impurities (such as 68Ge) from the eluate to improve reaction conditions.


This is easily accomplished with generator pre-purification and involves trapping the generator eluate onto a purification cartridge and subsequent elution to the reactor with a >99% trap and release efficiency of 68Ga.



Multiple Generator Elution The MultiSyn can be used to elute multiple generators to increase final radiotracer activity.

Other Radiometal Labelling

Radiometal labelling


The MultiSyn can used for a number of different radiometals such as 64,67Cu, 89Zr.


Clarity Pharmaceuticals 64,67Cu SARTATE


Theranostic compounds

Theranostics The MultiSyn enables the radiochemist to easily synthesize theranostic agents using 177Lu. Compounds that have been successfully developed on the MultiSyn for routine productions are Lu-177 PSMA and Lu-177 DOTATATE.

Exceptional Performance

Optimized synthesis recipes.

...more isotopes and tracers to come!


*Decay corrected radiochemical yields.


Uncorrected yields: [Ga-68]PSMA = 80.5%, [Ga-68]DOTA-TATE = 74.7%

Compact Dimensions

Easily install multiple synthesizers in the one hotcell.




External Control Electronics

Eliminate radiation damage

The MultiSyn's PLC (programmable logic controller) electronics are housed in an external enclosure located outside of the hotcell.


This eliminates the possibility of damage to the electronic components due to high radiation fields thereby significantly increasing system reliability.

Open User Interface

System control & visual synthesis recipe development all in one platform.

The user interface combines both powerful features, yet easy to use tools for both daily operation and synthesis recipe development.

Easy to use open software interface for easy tracer development

Guides you step-by-step during the synthesis

Can be installed on multiple computers for remote synthesis

Recording of all process variables and report generation (21 CFR Part 11 & GMP compliant)

Traditional PC or Touch Screen Tablet Control

Built-in remote diagnostics enabling simplified troubleshooting

Open software system comes standard at no extra cost to the user

Synthesis Reports

Generate and print synthesis reports to satisfy you labs documentation and GMP requirements

Real-Time Sensors Trends

All sensor information can be displayed graphically in real-time trends

Historical Data Review

Review previous synthesis results as trend graphs with data analysis function

Graphical Synthesis Recipe Development

Click • Define • Save


1. Click Schematic

Click schematic elements such as solenoid valves and rotary actuators to turn them on/off or to set positions.

2. Define parameter

Define parameters such as reactor temperatures, syringe volumes & step parameters (description, time, condition).

3. Save Step

Click the Save Step button and the software will automatically fill-in the Excel recipe step list automatically.

Synthesis recipes are stored as easily editable Excel step list files

MultiSyn Users

Some of the institutions that are using the MultiSyn.

iPHASE Support?

Key aspects of our support structure

Spare Parts

Complete stock of spare parts for all synthesizers are available and can be expressed shipped to you to minimise downtime.

Continuing Education

The field of radiochemistry is

ever changing and our education program is there to ensure your team is fully up to date with our latest developments.

Technical Support

You are always  a phone call or an email away from an experienced iPHASE engineer or staff member to assist with any queries.  Achieving customer satisfaction is our primary objective.


Due to the ever evolving nature of technology, we are continually  following the trends and applying the latest technologies to our systems to increase performance, productivity and reliability.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics are built into every system we make. This enables our experienced engineers to diagnose, test and guide the user to the quickest solution to an issue should it arise.

Hands on Training

Personalized hands on training will ensure your staff will easily learn and master all aspects of our automated technology.